Actual Conversation between my dad and I this morning. 

My dad: Why don’t you sell your horse, give her to a 4H kid. That way you can still see her.
Me: WHY would I do that?
Dad: Cuz honestly you could use the money you pay in board for something else, like a new car.
Me: Guess im gonna have to buy a buggy then so she can cart my ass around. Cuz I’m not selling my mare. Horse>everything else. 
Dad: Well you cant afford her…
Me: you cant afford me, so are you gonna sell me? You cant afford a lot of things you have. Get rid of them.

I’d sell any member of my family before I sold my mare. Like why are you pushing me to sell the only thing in my life that makes me happy? Smh. Sometimes parents just dont get their equestrian children. Sometimes the horse is literally the only thing holding you together. They are not animals, they are our best friends. So no. I will not sell my heart n soul.