So finally found a new barn. And I’m pretty sure I’m staying at this one. I love my barn I’m at now, but em isn’t getting taken care of to my standards. Her water bucket is always slimy and gross and seems like her stall never gets clean. Like what am I paying those people for? Not to mention there is never hay in the barn.

This new barn is 2 miles from my house. And I have to take care of Emily myself but I’m okay with that cuz then I know it’s being done right. And I’ll be able to see my peanut everyday. Which is exciting. I hope this is the last time we will be moving barns, because frankly I’m sick of it. I just can’t find a decent honest barn owner that does what they say they will. Now we won’t have to depend on someone else taking care of her cuz I’ll be doing it. Plus I’ve always been at least half hour drive from her every barn we’ve been at. Now I can walk to the barn I I want. So I’m excited, peanut is comin home❤️